What is Monster School?

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20 questions and 20 characters, meet lots of new characters in the series!

Fun mini-games - try to get through them all!

Answer all the questions and find out how well you know the Backstage universe!

Mysterious Level 0, what does Kozekrad do, smiles - can you answer these questions? Then go for it!

Share the results with your friends and take the quiz together to get to know your characters in the Monster School universe!

Objective of the game:

1)Go through 20 questions and unlock all the monsters of the School!
2) Complete the fun mini-games:

A)You have to click on the spiders so they don't get Lama! Hold out as time goes on.

B)You control the lower portal, you need to catch the good heroes and not catch the spiders. Hold on while the time runs out.

C)You control a trampoline, and you should drive it across the screen to make characters bounce. If a character bounces 3 times, he disappears. Hold on while the time runs out.

3) Answering questions by simply clicking on the answers, what could be easier!



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