Vetclinic doctor, safe dog and cat

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Welcome to the thrilling world of the veterinary clinic! In this captivating 3D game, you'll become the manager of the clinic, where your main task is to collect money and grow your business. Purchase new cabinets and organize medical folders with documents in their places. Adorable and diverse patients await you, and the success of your clinic relies solely on your skills and strategy. Are you ready for this exciting challenge? Immerse yourself in the unique world of veterinary medicine by launching the game right now!

On the computer: Use the mouse for control. Hold the mouse button and move it in the desired direction to navigate the clinic.

On the phone: Control with your finger, touch the screen and move in the desired direction to navigate the clinic.

Your main task is to collect money and distribute medical folders to the cabinets. The faster and more accurate you do it, the more money you'll earn. Don't forget about attentiveness and speed to effectively manage the clinic.

Earned money will accumulate, and you can use them to buy new cabinets. Each new cabinet will expand your clinic's capabilities and allow you to serve more new animals.

The game will provide you with a unique experience of being a veterinarian and clinic manager. Strive to become a true expert, develop your clinic, and surround yourself with happy pets and grateful owners. Start playing and make your clinic a real center of care for animals!



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