Toilet Shooter: Destroy Everyone!

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Fight enemies on a vast map, thereby raising yourself in the ranking of the best players. With each level, more and more diverse opponents will confront you, as well as new opportunities on the map and weapon customization!

- Interesting gameplay.
- Stylized graphics.
- Good optimization.
- Competition with friends!
- Wide customization.

Mouse - look around
WASD - Movement
W + Shift - Fast Run
Spacebar - Jump
Left mouse button - Shoot
Right mouse button (hold) - Aim
Mouse wheel - next/previous weapon
1-9 - Weapon Keys
R - Reload
G - Throw grenade
You do not need to shoot, the game has auto-shooting
Aiming - a button depicting a sight
Reload - two arrows in the form of a cycle
Weapon change - triangles top right
Look around - right side of the screen
Walk - left side of the screen
jump - up arrow
Grenade Throw - Grenade Button



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