Tic-tac-toe: the battle of the two players

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In "Tic-tac-toe: Battle of the Two Players" players take turns placing their symbol (cross or zero) on a 3x3 square board trying to create a line of three of their symbols horizontally, vertically or diagonally as a result.

"Tic-tac-toe: A battle of two players" is a popular logic game played between two players on a 3x3 square board. Players take turns supplying their symbol (a cross or a zero) to empty squares on the board, trying to fill their line of three symbols along the horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. The game ends when one player fills his line or the board fills without a winner. The game requires players to use their logic, intuition, and strategy to achieve victory.

The game adds a counter to count the number of player wins.

Players take turns putting crosses and zeros on the playing field. The goal of the game is to line up your symbols horizontally, vertically or diagonally. After each victory, it is necessary to press the "New game" button and start the game again. The counter will count the number of wins for each player.



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