The Rise of the Snowmen

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The Rise of the Snowmen!
On one of the snowy days, when children and adults were making snowmen, playing snowballs, something incomprehensible happened. A bright red glow lit up the sky and the snowmen that people had created began to move. Their fangs grew and their eyes took on human features. The children turned into little snowmen.
Rescue the children and kill the rebellious monsters.
But do not forget that the bullets are not infinite.

Earn money by killing snowmen and buy weapons.

Game controls:
- Movement - WASD
- Jump - Spacebar
- Overview - Mouse
- Acceleration - Shift
- LMB - Shooting
- PKM - Sight
- Change weapons to buttons (1,2,3,4,5,6)
- Grenade Throw - G
- Reload - R
- pause
- Menu-Tab



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