Taxi Take me home

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Get ready for our new taxi simulator! Learn the stories of your passengers who want to get home as soon as possible. Discover new corners of the cozy town, following the marks on the map.

Start a fascinating journey through endless roads and scenic off-roads. Drive through the city center, the picturesque villages, residential areas and the flower fields!

The game is designed for both adults and children. There's nothing better to relax or pass the time on the road - just drive through the endless expanses of our game!

Pick up and deliver passengers to their homes, following the marks on the map. Do not forget to fill up and repair your car in time. Try to remain profitable, and do not forget that in the case of unsafe driving, you will pay compensation to passengers.

Watch your hunger level (burrito icon) - the lower it drops, the slower your car becomes. To refuel and eat a burrito - go to the gas station indicated on the map.

Watch the damage level of the car (hand icon with a wrench) - the lower it is, the darker the car becomes. To repair the car - visit the repair shop indicated on the map.

Desktop version controls:

- WASD keys or arrow keys to control the car;
- Press the G key to put the car back on the wheels;
- Press the G key to toggle the camera view;

Controls on mobile version:

- Use the buttons at the bottom of the screen.

For more information, click on the i button in the upper left corner.



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