Tank Tower Defence

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Tank Tower Defense is an exciting game in the Tower Defense genre. The main feature is that you can change the location of your turret tanks depending on your requirements and desires.

You have a fortress and a base inside it. You must control the movement of opponents and prevent them from reaching your base. Three types of tower tanks will help you with this, which you can control separately. There are five types of enemies in the game, which have different indicators of health and movement speed.

Protect your base from massive attacks and complete all levels!

Protect your base from attacks. For protection, buy tanks for coins - click on the button of the selected tank, then click on any place inside the fortress.

The base has health. If 5 enemies reach it, you will lose.

Tanks can be moved. To do this, hold the tank and drag it to the place where you want to move.

For better visibility, you can move the camera by dragging. Scale the view with the "+" and "-" buttons.



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