Tank super battle 2 players

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Tank super battle 2 players is a fun agility and reaction minigame in which you have to shoot and maneuver with just one button while driving a tank.

You can play against a friend or a bot. The bot is actively fighting with fast movements and accurate shots.

Good tactics will come in handy, because the opponent can use the environment for defense. The game has mini hangars that can serve as protection or can prevent you from making an accurate shot. A safe position is good for tank survival.

Each new tank carries out a super strike when it first appears on the battlefield, so it is better not to stand at the opponent's base at the moment when the spawn occurs.

Tip: do not go fast forward, because this is not a race, but a tactical battle, so sometimes it is better to wait for the moment to make a successful shot.

Destroyed tanks remain on the battlefield until they are completely destroyed. Take care of your combat vehicles. 11 tanks are given for each match.

The main combat mission of the game is to hit the enemy's tank as much and as quickly as possible to reach 11 points (11 destroyed enemy tanks). The counter on both sides of the players will help to keep track of the score.

Сontrol of the tank and the shot is carried out using the same button.

Hold the button to make the tank move forward firing one shot at the same time.

If you press the button quickly, only a shot will be fired.

The tank turns randomly after the player has released the button.


Phone or tablet: screen buttons

Computer: Up arrow ↑ / W key



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