Tank Escape 3D

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Love runners? Do you like tank games? Like 3D games? Yes? Wonderful! No? Don't worry, you'll love it!
See for yourself:
- Cool graphics, sounds and music;
- Pumping the tank - increase the damage, the amount of ammunition, the margin of safety;
- Change the color of the turret and hull of the tank at any time for free;
- 50 unique levels, the further, the more difficult;
- Training on the game at the starting level, you do not have to guess how to play the game;
- Special levels to test your reaction!

Make your way through the gorge, avoiding or destroying obstacles on your way!
Press the shoot button, destroy the obstacles on the way and the boss at the end of the gorge!
The movement of the tank goes on two lanes.
The screen is divided into two parts, click with the mouse / finger on the left half to move the tank to the left, click with the mouse / finger on the right side of the screen to make the tank move to the right.



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