Tank 007

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Mysterious tank game where your mission is to crush the enemies who want to take over our world. The magnificent tank '007', created by humanity for this mission, is in your possession. Your trusted agent will support you along the way.

The game has 20 levels, 4 bosses and 5 weapons. You can also upgrade your tank and weapons. Your enemies will leave coins, projectiles and various items on the battlefield. Coins can be spent on improving the tank. Special items will grant you short-term invulnerability or the ability to slow down time.

Depending on the level, your goal is to destroy all enemies on the map or find secret files and return them to the base.

Controls is carried out using WASD or arrows. LMB - shot. R key - opens the weapon selection menu. Spacebar - makes a dash.

On mobile devices, control is carried out through joysticks. The left joystick is responsible for the movement, and the right one - for the direction of the gun. Shooting is automatically carried out when the right joystick is directed. Button A - weapon selection. Button B - jerk.



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