Tangled words

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Tangled Words is a fun game with many themes. Choose the category you like and guess the encrypted words. The difficulty of the words increases as you progress, starting with the shortest and simplest ones. But even at the very last levels, you will not find rare and obsolete words - all words are frequently used. If you have any difficulties, you can always use the hint - this will allow you not to linger in one place. You don't have to finish one topic to move on to the next - choose the one that suits you best. Try to make 100% progress, develop thinking and attention. You can also solve puzzles with your loved ones. Play online for free and no downloads.
- Lots of word categories
- Availability of tips
- Saving progress

Hold the left mouse button to make a path from the first to the last letter of the word. You can move not only to the left, right, up and down, but also diagonally.



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