Talk Scary Juan: Granny Escape

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Welcome to " Talk Scary Juan: Granny Escape " creepy & scary place where you can tickle your nerves and get the right dose of adrenaline! Talk Scary Juan: Granny Escape is first of all a large night room of the juan's lee mansion hospital. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, but at one point you began to hear strange sounds and began to notice suspicious wuggy talking creatures!

Scary juan has locked you in psycho granny escape house and you have to leave it. But be quiet, silent and careful. Look for items around the house, open locks. But not everything is so simple - huggy horror granny is watching you everywhere and your every evil step - one wrong move and you will be knocked out by fat scary guy.

A large location of the horror granny mansion, with an amazing and exciting atmosphere, all this is waiting for you in this game! Monsters will not stand on ceremony, they act quickly. Are you ready to accept the granny challenge and survive all the creepy five nights?

WASD - movement
E - use
G - drop an item
C - crouch/stand up
Q - get out of cover

Look for items and use them to open the main door to escape.



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