Take away the color!

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In the game "Take away the color!" you have to quickly choose the only different color from all those offered, but be careful and careful, the color difference between the colors will decrease with each move! Also, with a set of points, time for reflection will become less and less! Show the whole world your speed and reaction, set an absolute record! The game is great for developing information processing speed, reaction speed and just a warm-up for the brain!

In the game you have to choose the desired color from those offered. The right color is the one that is different from all the others, so you need to fully concentrate! You have 10 seconds per move, so you can take your time and think things over carefully, but be careful, as you gain points, the time per move will become shorter and the differences between the colors will become less distinguishable. There is a time indicator in the upper right corner, keep an eye on it to avoid defeat!



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