Swift Ball

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The goal of the game is to control the ball so as to collect all the bonuses, avoid hitting any mines and central traps and meet the allotted time.

Green ball "Bonus" + 1 point.
The central cone +10 points.
The ball "Mine" - 3 points.

For a new level, the points are multiplied by 2, the collected points are also credited to the bonus account if the player has met the allotted time, collected all the bonuses and there is at least one mine left on the field.

The second mode is endless, when time is unlimited, the number of balls is constantly updated and the score is saved every 30 seconds - more complex, but also more exciting.

The game menu is at the top left above the clock in game mode..
Camera Change button - changes the view of the arena
The transition to the next level occurs automatically when the conditions of the game are met.

In the Settings menu, you can select a previously purchased skin, change the difficulty level and change the game mode.

Control the tilt of the field using the on-screen joystick or the arrows on the keyboard. If you calculate the slope correctly, you will be able to direct the freely rolling ball exactly to the target and collect all the green bonuses. If you hit the cone in the center, get 10 points.

Avoid horned mines, each of which removes 3 points. If you hit the last mine, the game is over. If you hit the hole in the center of the field, it's also a loss.
The goal in endless mode is to hold out as long as possible and score maximum points.

In the endless mode, blue balls have been added, which do not carry danger, but serve as an additional obstacle for the player. For every 30 seconds you will receive a notification and a sound signal about how many points have been scored.

Be careful that if you have a negative amount in your account, the total account may decrease, not increase.



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