Super Tank 2D

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Super Tanks 2D is a dynamic action game about the world of tanks.
Classic tanks made in retro style with a top view.
Play tanks for two in a split screen or go through the game alone.
Fight and win! Destroy hordes of hostile tanks and their bases, as well as huge bosses.
Upgrade combat vehicles to defeat the most powerful enemies.
Complete missions and unlock all levels.
The game has various skills and bonuses scattered throughout the levels that allow you to temporarily improve the tank.


• Game for two;
• Lots of levels with tasks;
• Various 2d tanks of your choice;
• Each tank can be upgraded;
• Pixel graphics like tanks 2d on dandy;
• Huge tank bosses;
• Top view game.

Use your mouse and keyboard to play on a PC.
When playing alone, use the keys w, a, s, d. For two more and arrows. The spacebar, left control and right control keys are responsible for shooting.

Use touch to play on mobile devices.

The left stick controls the engine, the right stick controls the turret. The pixel tank on the left side of the screen is an auto-aim. Auto-aim allows you to guide an enemy tank, which simplifies aiming. Clicking anywhere on the screen will instantly turn the tank's turret in that direction.
In two player mode, the screen is split in half. Tanks controlled by players shoot at enemies automatically. If you click in an empty area of the screen, then the tank will turn the tower into this area and shoot. Tank 2 (the second player) has similar capabilities.



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