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Sudoku-Puzzle is a game that combines elements of Sudoku and Tetris.The main field of the game is Sudoku. You need to solve Sudoku using various randomly generated elements in the form of figures from Tetris.

The goal of the game is to solve Sudoku in the shortest possible time. The time counter is shown at the bottom right.

Once a minute, you can use a hint. Using a hint increases the solution time counter by 1 minute. The button for the hint is located at the bottom left.

The game has 5 levels of Sudoku difficulty.

The game's time counters and hints can be stopped by going to the game's main menu. In the future, the game can be continued from the place where it was stopped.

The results of the game are saved in the history table.

We are waiting for your comments and ratings of the game. This motivates us to develop new and interesting games.




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