Stop the Siege!

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Your castle is under attack, the invaders are already at the gates! You must stop the invasion and protect your people with firepower and loyal soldiers!

Do not spare arrows, the enemies will not stop for a second. Each time they will be more and more, so your sharp eye and steady hand must be ready for action.

In battle you will be aided by a loyal army, which you must assemble, arm and improve. Don't let the enemy cross the bridge or you will be defeated!

Aim and shoot as well as you can to repel enemy attacks as effectively as possible.


- Aiming and firing the ballista at advancing enemies;
- Lots of gold for successfully repelling attacks;
- Hit more headshots to get a bonus shot;
- Improve your army and ballista to be more effective in battle;

You are the last hope, don't let your people down!

Grab your arrows now, play the game and stop the siege!

Your objective is to shoot your bow at oncoming enemies.

Earn gold in levels to improve your army and the speed of your ballista.



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