Stickman VS Monsters

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Stickman vs Monsters is an exciting game in which you play as Stickman and fight monsters. You have many levels to go through, fighting various monsters, such as Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Meecey, Rainbow Friends and, of course, Enderman.

In the game you need to level up your character by upgrading his level and improving his weapons for survival! Collect crystals and buy different weapons and armor to deal with stronger monsters.

The game has simple controls that make it easy to control your character and attack monsters. In addition, the game has colorful graphics and funny characters that add extra atmosphere to the game.

The game Stickman is a great choice for fans of games with elements of survival, pumping and adventure. It offers plenty of opportunities to develop your character and fight monsters. If you are looking for an exciting game for free that will not let you get bored, then Stickman vs. Monsters is the one for you.

Your task is to survive among the hundreds of monsters that appear every second.
Controls from the phone - joystick on the screen
Control from computer - WASD / Arrow keys
Pick up experience crystals to level up and choose one of the items



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