Stickman: Huggy Wuggy lair

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In the game "Stickman: Huggy Wuggy lair" exciting adventures in the world of medieval fantasy await you. You play as Stickman, who is not afraid to fight evil and throw himself into the most dangerous situations to save his princess. The cunning Huggy Wuggy throws up new and new enemies on the battlefield. The player will be able to use different magic and tricks to save his princess. Sometimes the princess will help the hero by using the power of anger. Upgrade your Stickman in different skills, choose your battle strategy, create your own unique style of passing the game. Graphics and sound design immerse you in an amazing world.

Defeat waves of enemies using various techniques and magic. Increase your level by accumulating experience. Improve the earned points parameters of your hero and learn new tricks and magic to become stronger. Choose your character's development path and plan your battle strategy.
Controls on PC:
WAD or arrows on the keyboard - move the hero
Click the buttons on the screen with the mouse - use the learned tricks
Control on mobile devices:
Jostick - to move the hero
Click on the buttons on the screen to use the learned tricks



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