Stickman Finger Soccer

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This football game is a game where you can fight with 3D stickman characters on the football field. Build the football team and aim at the target, then right and score! Will you be able to kick the soccer ball into the goal after all the opposing players? In this football game with 2 Player mode, you and your friend can play football on the same computer. If you are bored, you can do a penalty shootout race against the computer.

You will play a football match with garbage men on a big football field. During this football match, you will aim and kick the ball. After that, the football will fly quickly and go to the opponent's goal. A loud "GOLL!" you will hear the sound.

The side that attacks the most goals in 90 seconds wins. If you want to play football match with your friend, you can use "2 PLAYER" mode

Aim: Hold Left Click
Take a shot: Left Relase.



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