Standoff 2 Cases

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Standoff 2 Cases is a simulation application for opening cases from the game!

Open cases and knock out expensive skins and knives! There are many game modes such as: Upgrade, Jackpot, Crash, Quiz, Tower, Bomb Defuse and many more!

Case Simulator features:
★ 3D inspection of skins
★ Case opening
★ Opening souvenir sets
★ Mini Games
★ Special cases
★ Player statistics
★ Roulette
★ Marketplace
And much more! - Leave ideas in the application and wait for more content!

• Cases - here you select cases or souvenir sets that you would like to open. Just click on the container you like and it will open!

• Mini-games - play exciting games with skins! Each game is very simple and intuitive.

• Inventory - all your weapons and knives in one place. View and sell your skins by simply clicking on them if you don't want to leave them in your inventory.

• Market - buy any weapon or knife with a certain quality!

• Menu - all games in one place. Play games by simply clicking on them. Or see the statistics of your successful progress in each game!

• Use your mouse to navigate the game.



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