Stand on the Right Color!

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"Stand on the right color!" is an exciting game where your reaction, accuracy and skill will be put to the test. In this exciting arcade game you have to fight for the first place on your way to the finish line.

You will need to make quick decisions when the color tiles change randomly. You have limited time in each stage. Quickly and accurately choose the color of the tiles, so as not only not to fall, but also to get ahead of your rivals.

Earn game currency for passing and buy new characters. Each character has their own unique style, adding variety to the game.
The game offers intuitive and simple controls that allow you to focus on strategy and reaction.
Are you ready to take on the challenge and get through all the tiles to the finish line in this incredible game?

Your task is not to fall off the tiles and run to the finish line.

Controls on PC:
W, A, S, D - character movement
Space - jump
Camera - drag across the screen while holding the mouse button.



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