Squid game: The second season

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Squid is already in the game, and this is the second season!

All you need is to keep your attention and perseverance.

Remember that in the game squid does not forgive mistakes.

Help your main character and hit the doll in the game where the squid is coming out for the second season.

Your goal is to pass all the tests to earn as much money as possible.

Complete the level with the doll, but be careful.

Go through the dalgon corver, but remember that if you break them, the use of weapons by a soldier will follow.

Pull the opponents by the rope.

Win by jumping on the platforms.

For all this, you get a certain amount of money. Don't forget that you can spend them by buying a new hat accessory for the hero.

Let the game begin, where the squid will be in the second season!



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