Speedrun Parkour : Noob

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The developer has programmed several interesting levels of varying complexity.

Passed once? Do you think it's easy? Turn on Speedrunner mode. Complete levels in less time, get fewer deaths. Take your place in the ranking of the best players. Stop being a noob!
Oh, yes, there will be traps on the level, but what kind? Hm..

Show your speed on the Speedrun and get a rank:

- S++ = 4m30s
- S+ = 4m45s
- S = 5m0s
- A = 6m0s
- B = 7m30s
- C = 10m0s
- D = 15m0s
- E = 20m0s

WASD - Move
Spacebar - Jump
Escape (double tap) - Show menu (pause)
Mouse movement - Camera rotation

LShift - Acceleration
R - Return to the last checkpoint



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