Space Miner - Gem Rush

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You're an astronaut geologist, skilled operator of a space "harvester" - a drilling machine for collecting crystals. Every ton of collected crystalline ore will turn into a hefty bag of money.

What to spend your earnings on? Of course, upgrading your harvester! Increase the spikes, buy a bigger drill, larger wheels for better grip. And when a decent sum accumulates - buy a new, more powerful harvester and collect crystals even faster and more efficiently! Max out your star ride!

Start it up, LET'S GO!

◆ Leave the base and head towards the crystal deposits

◆ When drilling, the crystals break into pieces, which are drawn in by the harvester's magnetic field (an energy dome around the machine).

◆ When the body is full, return to the base to the SELL zone, where an automatic drop of crystals will occur.

◆ After the drop-off, you will be credited with a reward, which can be spent on upgrading the harvester in the UPGRADE zone.

◆ There are 4 drill upgrades:
- number of spikes in the ring,
- number of rings,
- size of the spike,
- rotation speed of the drill

and 3 harvester upgrades:

- machine speed,
- body volume,
- magnetic field action radius

◆ Once you've collected most of the crystals, you will have the opportunity to fly to another asteroid.



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