Space Defense

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Arcade single player game will help you to get stuck and escape from reality.
Dodge attacks, collect crystals, upgrade your skill and strengthen your defense. Set new records and compare them with friends, parents and their parents. The game is suitable for both children and adults.

- Dodge attacks

The spaceship moves clockwise around the tower, but by tapping on the screen you can change its trajectory, thereby dodging the attacks flying at you

- Collect crystals and move on to the next stages

The whole game consists of several stages, each of which consists of a certain number of levels, the further, the harder. Various crystals will be scattered on your way and your task is to collect them. As soon as they are over, you will move on to the next level

- Strengthen the defense

For the collected crystals you will be able to upgrade your spaceship, which will help you get immunity and move on



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