Space Clicker

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Space Clicker is a fascinating clicker game in the style of Cookie Clicker, but with a space theme. Your goal is to conquer the solar system from Mercury to Neptune.

The game is perfect for clickers and space fans. You will have to click on planets to improve their characteristics, open new ones and collect bonuses. There are 8 unique planets available!

The game has a fun system of improvements - upgrade your click speed and strength, automate income. Improve your planet after planet and become the best space clicker!

There are no limits here - play at your pleasure, pump up planets and conquer the galaxy on click

In Space Clicker, your main goal is to conquer all the planets in the solar system.

The game starts with Mercury. To move to the next planet, you need to click on the current planet in the center of the screen. The clicks increase the level of the planet. When it reaches the maximum level, the next one opens.

Controls in the game are very simple - click on the center planet to deal damage and increase the level. There are also improvement buttons on the screen - click on them to increase the effect of clicks or automate the receipt of resources.

Your ultimate goal is to pump all planets from Mercury to Neptune. There is no loss - enjoy the clicker at your pleasure and become the best in the solar system!



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