Sort Voyage

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A fun and exciting puzzle game. Sort colored cubes and balls in tubes until all balls with the same color remain in the same tube. A game to exercise your brain and relax after a hard day.

The game offers many levels. The number of tubes and cubes increases in each level of the game. Use your gaming skills to sort the same colors as fast as possible.

- One-finger control.
- Absolutely free to play
- Simple and responsive interface
- Hundreds of puzzle levels
- Choice of design theme and different dice variants
- World top players rating
- Fight for the top spots in the rankings
- No penalties on number of moves or time. Enjoy the dice sorting puzzle at your leisure

- Click on the ball you want to move
- Move the cubes only to the empty spaces in the tubes
- Your goal is to sort all the balls by color in each tube
- If you can't complete a level, you can restart it



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