Solitaire Klondike 2023

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Develop your logic and strategic skills by playing the popular Solitaire Klondike 2023! Arrange the cards by suit and rank, creating sequences from King to Ace. The unique layout system ensures that each game will be unique and exciting.

Play anytime, anywhere, enjoying the user-friendly interface and simple rules. Improve your skills by passing different levels of difficulty, from beginner to expert. Get rewards for your achievements and become the best Klondike Solitaire player.

Join the millions of players around the world who have already appreciated this classic card game. Play Klondike Solitaire right now and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of maps and strategy!

Features of the game:
♠ Colorful and rich graphics
♣ Nice background melody
♥ Cool layouts that develop strategy
♦ Nice animation of maps

Klondike Solitaire is a card game whose goal is to remove all the cards from the playing field. The player moves the cards according to certain rules into four main piles located in the upper right corner of the playing field. The cards must be stacked in ascending order from ace to king and must have the same suit.

At the beginning of the game, 28 cards are laid out on the playing field in 7 columns. The top card of each column lies face up, the rest face down. The player can move cards from one column to another, while he can only move the last card in the column and only when this card is lower in rank and different in color from the top card in the column where he wants to move it.

PC control: mouse
Control on a mobile device: touch



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