Solitaire Cards

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Our solitaire game allows users to enjoy user-friendly visuals and impeccable play style.


- Draw 1 card
- Draw 3 cards
- Possibility to cancel the move
- There are hints
- Timer mode
- Move mode
- One touch to move cards
- Automatic collection of cards upon completion
- Simple and fun!

Play solitaire games for free right from your phone or computer! Have fun playing solitaire!

The victory condition is to lay out the cards by suit in the correct order (starting from the ace and ending with the king)
A black card can only be transferred to a red one, a red one to a black one. The rank of the bottom card must be higher. Example: a red six can be placed on a black seven
The player can move not only one card, but a whole group of cards. The top card in the pile must be lower in rank than the card on which it is going to be placed. It should also have the opposite color
If there is an empty space on the playing field, you can move the king card or a group of cards with the king, which is at the top of the group, there
The player can receive additional cards from the pile located on the playing field. From the deck of cards come one at a time



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