Slap King

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How about a funny fighting game? Do you want to try Slap King game where you will make your opponent slap maniac?

You are in the middle of the street. There are spectators around you who support you. At the other end of the table, your opponent is waiting for you. Your goal should be to hit your opponent in the face with the strongest punch, using the power indicator you have seen correctly. The indicator has a color scale that rotates from yellow to green. You have to match the green part at the top. That's when you take down your opponent's vitality quite a lot. The first person to empty the life bar loses the game. To become a winner, always coincide with the green part in the indicator.

Take action to become the slap champion. Knock out your opponent with the power of your slap. Come on!

How to play Slap King game?
Play by clicking the left mouse button. Follow the power indicator and try to align the esil to the color.



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