Sky path

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The game is an arcade game in which you control a spaceship. Your task is to overcome obstacles and score as many points as possible. The more points you score, the more difficult the obstacles become. However, after you set a record, new spaceships become available to you, which will help to overcome the most difficult situations! Beware of obstacles, collision with them ends with the crush of your spaceship!

To start moving, tap (click) on any place on the screen. After clicking your spaceship will move to the next star. It is necessary to choose the moment of the beginning the movement in order to avoid a collision with an obstacle. As you gain points new spaceships, that have a shield, will become available to you, i.e. when you collide with an obstacle, you do not die, but reduce the strength of the shield. To switch to the spacecraft selection mode, click the button in the upper left corner.



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