Skibidi toilet vs Noob

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Skibidi Toilet vs Noob is an original 3D puzzle game in which you have to draw wheels to overcome various obstacles such as hills, spheres, descents, climbs and steps. But while you are drawing you will be chased by a skibidi toilet spider and you need to draw good wheels to escape from him in time.

- Interesting mechanics.
- Beautiful graphics.
- Lots of long and interesting levels.
- Lots of skins.

After you press the play button, a drawing area will appear in front of you.
Then click on the area with the mouse or touch the finger, then without removing your hand draw a figure that you want to see as a wheel, release the drawing area.

Also on the levels there are areas where you need to redraw the wheels, in front of you will appear the drawing area so you can change the wheels to more suitable.

If you need to inspect the upcoming part of the level in the lower right corner there will be a button "Inspect level" by pressing it you will hide the drawing area that will allow you to inspect the level and make a decision, to return to the drawing mode - press the button again.



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