Skibidi Toilet Online

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In this game, you have to collect Skibidi cubes while running away from the main Skibidi Toilet! Other players will be playing with you, so try to outrun them and collect cubes faster.

This game features:

Interesting location
Popular characters
Skibidi theme
Many Skibidi toilets!

The goal of the game is to collect as many Skibidi toilets as possible. To do this, you need to approach the cube that the main Skibidi Toilet created and point the red sight at it. Then press the LEFT mouse button.

To move use the W A S D keys and the mouse to rotate the camera.

Beware of the main Skibidi Toilet! He will catch you if you get close to him. You can respawn for 40 toilets, or exit to the main menu, but then you will lose half of your toilets, so be careful!



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