Skate King

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Welcome to the world of "Skate King" - an endless runner where every jump can lead to an infinite number of possibilities. In this physics based game, you need to control a skateboarder by jumping over obstacles and avoiding falling.

The controls are simple, but require skill and mastery. Following the player's physics with each jump adds realism and complexity. Keeping your balance is the key to success.

Compete with friends, compare your records and prove that you are the real king of skateboarding. The levels are varied and exciting, and the dynamic gameplay will not let you get bored.

"Skate King" offers an exciting experience for all extreme sports fans and those looking for a fun and exciting recreational game. Join this exciting adventure and become the king of skateboarding!

Skate King is a physics based endless runner.

The player must jump over these obstacles and not fall.
You have to keep your balance, the physics of the player is respected. An infinite number of things can happen in each jump.

Difficult to master, but very addictive! Challenge your friends and become the king of skateboarding!



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