Siren Head Horror: Escape and survive

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This is a horror quest from the first person, the action of which takes place in an abandoned town, where, according to rumors, a terrible humanoid creature, known by the name of the Lilac-headed, lives.

Your mission is to complete all the tasks and try to survive.
As soon as you approach the monster, your pulse quickens and one day your heart may not stand, but you have a camera that the monster is afraid of for some reason.

Do you need to check every time if it's following you? If yes, then you need to run as fast as you can because he can easily kill you and finish the game.

Moving – WASD
Fast running – LSHIFT+W
Interaction – E
Flashlight – F
Camera – Q
Pause – Esc

Your task is to find the car keys, fill it up and get away from the siren to the village.



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