Shooting Bubble

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Pop the balls, clearing the game field. But be vigilant: tasks become more complicated with each level. It requires not only reaction but also tactics. Show resourcefulness, planning skills, and dexterity to become a true master of this game!

Welcome to the exciting world of our arcade game! You're about to spend your time diversely, popping balls that fill the game field. The task isn't as simple as it seems.

How to play:
Your goal is to clear the game field by forming groups of 3 or more balls of the same color. The more balls you destroy at once, the more points you'll earn.

PC Controls:
Use the mouse to aim, holding down the left button. Release the mouse button to shoot the ball. Carefully plan your shots to create combinations and clear the field of balls.

Additionally, there's the option to change the color of your ball to a different, random one. To do this, press the button with two arrows at the bottom right corner of the screen.



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