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In this game you have to fight mechanized units - robots. You will be able to find different types of enemies and weapons with different attack mechanics. You control the character from the first person and yes, you have a gun!
The game will be interesting for fans of shooters and dynamic battles. The game has a single-player mode.
So far, you can go through ten levels, but it is planned to add new levels with new mechanics, enemies and weapons.
The game was created on the Unity engine.

Tasks at different levels may differ from each other, but basically the goal is to find and destroy all opponents. There are also optional tasks, such as picking up a jetpack, ignoring which will not affect the completion of the level, but may make it easier to pass.
The controls are standard for shooters, in the game itself there is a hint with a detailed description of the buttons.
Remember that some weapons have two firing modes, try holding and holding the fire button.
If you are killed, the level will have to be restarted, so collect wonderful healing donuts! And be careful on the platforms - falling from them into the abyss will also kill you.



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