Save The Princess : Evil Forces

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Life of princesses is not easy... These girls always get into trouble. A smart king knows that saving the princess is a very profitable event! To do this, he has to save the princess. The fathers of the princesses are ready to give half of the kingdom for saving the unfortunate daughters. Moreover, a brave warrior can count on the hand and heart of a princess. And now dark forces and evil monsters have imprisoned another princess in the high tower. What would you do in the place of the king?

You have to save the princess! But be on your guard... Dark forces and evil monsters will confront you in a difficult matter. How long will it take you to save the princess from the high tower and get half of the kingdom of the father of this girl?

The game is a fantasy clicker: get treasure, upgrade weapons, level up, increase strength of king, fight the dark forces and save the princess!

The main goal of the game is to rescue the princess trapped in the tower. Beat the tower to get coins that can be used to buy upgrades!

Mobile control: Use the left half of the screen to control the character and the right half to attack.

Desktop control: Use the [A] and [D] keys to control the character and [Space] or [Right Mouse] to attack.



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