Save the Noob

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You must protect Noob from zombies flying at him, setting a new record over and over again! Destroy, break, blow up and stab these green ones, and your powerful guns will help you with this.

● Train! Be a noob and finally get out of the dirt by becoming a pro.

• A variety of guns! Each gun has its own special characteristics. And you can upgrade them too!

● Cool music, because of which you want to return to the game again and again!

• Unique visual! Where else can you find such beautiful 2D Pixel Art graphics with excellent visual and sound effects?

How to play:

➪ You just need to tap on the zombie, and if you hit him, he will explode. Remember, each type of zombie has a different amount of health, and some enemies need more than one or even two hits!

➪ You can reload the gun by pressing the button at the bottom right. Weapons have different damage. Some guns require even more than 7 hits to tear apart the enemy.

➪ Don't forget! All purchased guns can be upgraded for the money built into the game in the shop!



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