Sakura puzzle

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Sakura puzzle is a classic puzzle game, suitable for anyone who wants to exercise their brains.

Tiles are placed randomly.
All combinations are solvable.
You can shift the whole row of tiles at once
You can change the size of the playing field: from 3x3 to 10x10.
Relaxing music.
Colorful design.

Try to complete the puzzle using as few moves and the shortest time as possible, and set a new high score. Good luck!

The goal of the game is to move the tiles to arrange them in ascending order of numbers (left to right, top to bottom). In the upper left corner - "1", the lower right corner is empty. Correctly set numbers are highlighted in green.

When you click on a tile, it will move to an empty field nearby. You can also move the entire row of tiles.

To move, you can click on the tiles themselves or use the arrow keys on your keyboard.



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