Running Hero

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During the game, the player needs to overcome many obstacles, dodge various obstacles, traps and monsters. The gameplay of this game differs from other runners by its atmosphere and visual style, and also by the fact that the hero is not so defenseless. With the help of his sword, he can attack various monsters, defend himself. An exciting adventure awaits you through a dangerous forest inhabited by ancient monsters and traps are set at every step.

Score points and compete with your friends, take first place in the high score table and show everyone who is the king of the forest here!

The game has various Easter eggs and references to popular games)

Try to dodge various obstacles and monsters. Unlike obstacles, monsters can be destroyed with a blow and get a bonus to the total score of points. Points accumulate as the game progresses.

The game has 2 types of controls:

- Move to the right, the D key (English) or the right arrow
- Move to the left, the A key (English) or the left arrow
- Jump - Space bar or up arrow
- Blow - mouse click or S key (English)

- Right arrow button - Running side
- Left arrow button - running to the left side
- Up arrow button - jump
- Button with a large "arrow" - punch



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