Rogue Squad

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The Interstellar war is on!

Rogue Squad is a beautiful & electrifying endless Space Shooting game.
Be tactical and fly carefully in an unforgiving asteroid belt and survive as long as possible among floating debris and enemies’ starships.

Use your cannons and missiles to make a way in this crowded and highly dangerous space.
Activate your shield to protect your ship.

Buckle up Space Hero,
Fly right into intergalactic combat and survive the longest!

The goal is to survive for as long as possible.
Navigate with caution and destroy as much floating debris and enemies as possible using auto shooting and missiles. Remember to protect yourself with the shield when available.

To play on mobile:
-Use your finger to move around destroying enemies
-Click on the lower buttons to:
Switch to Auto-shooting / Launch Missiles / Activate Shield

To play on the computer:
-To move around, use arrows, mouse, or letters A, D, S, and W
-Use Q to launch Missiles
-Use E to activate Shield
-mouse left click to activate auto-shooting

To break records:
Destroy obstacles to clear the way, and use missiles and shields wisely to survive the longest.
Pro Tip
It is sometimes smartest to dodge enemies and debris rather than trying to destroy them at all cost



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