Roblox Obby: Rainbow Path

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In this game you will be the master of parkour!

Conquer new heights and climb to the top as quickly as possible.
Avoid obstacles, climb onto platforms and upgrade your parkour skills!

Collect coins and buy super cool skins and accessories.
Climb higher and higher and prove to everyone that you are better and faster.

The goal of the game is to reach the finish line as quickly as possible.

Game progress is saved at checkpoints!
If you fell, then at the previous checkpoint you can teleport to the next checkpoint.

Collect coins to open platforms. Platforms shorten the path, with the help of them you can get to the top even faster.

Computer control:
WASD - move
Shift - run
Spacebar - jump
Tab - game menu

Control on mobile devices is carried out using the buttons on the screen.



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