Roblox Obby: Change The Size

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The game is similar to the popular mode in Roblox Obby, where you need to overcome obstacles to reach the finish line, but the game has one important feature, in it you can change the size of your character to make it easier for you to pass different traps.

The game will appeal to everyone who loves roblox games.

Complete 27 checkpoints as quickly as possible to get into the table of the best.

In this game you are waiting for: fun, skill challenge, parkour and 4 characters for whom you can play at any time.

The goal of the game is to reach the finish line. To do this, you need to pass an obstacle course. To complete some segments of the path, you need to change the size of your character. To do this, use the slider from the bottom to the center of the screen. The character will get bigger on the right side, smaller on the left.

Control (computer):
● WASD - Movement
● Mouse - Camera view (to make a full turn around, hold down the right mouse button)
● Space - Jump

Control (phone):
● Using the game interface
● Pinch and move in any place - Camera overview



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