Roblox Cases

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Roblox Cases is a simulator application for opening cases with roblox game items!

Open cases and knock out various expensive items. Upgrade your level, collect skins, earn robux!

The game has different game modes, like a: Crash, Roulette.

Features of the game:
★ Player Statistics
★ Opening cases
★ Lucky wheel
★ Crash
★ Roulette

• Cases - here you choose any case and open it, after which you will receive a random item that can be sold for robux or left in the inventory.

• Lucky wheel - spin the wheel and get random skins that can be sold or left in the inventory.

• Crash - put robux and take many times more, depending on the multiplier.

• Roulette - choose 1 of 3 colors and multiply your robux.

• Inventory - all your skins in one place. Sell them by clicking on the "sell" button or keep them for yourself.

• Progress - your level in the game is shown here, as well as statistics.



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