Road of Fury

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The game is a runner in which you have a limited amount of fuel. Along the way, you will be able to collect bonuses in the form of tools for repairing the car, as well as fuel. For collecting bonuses, you get points, but you will get even more points for destroying other cars.

Good luck on your way on "Road of Fury"!

Update 1.1:
- Leaderboard
- Added 6 new audiotracks
- Changed controls
- Added explosions
- Minor fixes

To control the car, use the keys:
"W" or "↑" - to set the speed
"S" or "↓" - to reduce the speed
"A" or "←" - to turn left
"D" or "→" - to turn right

In addition, you can enable touch control in the game by clicking on the icon with a finger on it in the lower left corner.



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