Rights of birds

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On Bird Rights is a unique arcade game about cats and birds.
Suitable for all ages and absolutely any audience. The game is very dynamic, there are obstacles, quests, opponents and traps on the levels.
Your task is to explore the short level, find the stolen eggs and, bypassing traps and evil cats, return the eggs to the nest.
Interesting music will delight you all 25 levels. Each level has its own unique difficulty, which is constantly changing.
Go through the levels, look for eggs and collect stars.
There are four types of birds in the game, each with its own unique abilities.

The game has one goal - to collect eggs and get to the nest.
On the way you will be hindered by obstacles, traps and evil Cats.

Unique character management:

- Left mouse button - PC version (PC).

- Tap on the screen - Mobile version.



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