Rescue the Ball

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Rescue the Ball is a challenging puzzle game where you can swipe the rings to connect the pipes in order to make the ball fall down. You can exercise your skills and concentration in your spare time instead of using real expensive coach toys.
Key Features
- Realistic balls and wooden rings
- Soothing background music
- Easy guides to follow
How to Play
- Swipe the rings from the lowest
- Look for the stars to let them on the right location
- Find the right pipe routine

Marbles in the game cannot be dragged.
Try your best to collect all the stars in the channels.
There are 200+ fun levels.
Play the game with soothing music and in a gentle environment.
Each level has 3 stars to collect.
Easy to learn, but hard to master.
Train your brain and keep your thinking active!
Suitable for all ages who want to strengthen the skills and concentration. Come to play right now!

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