Relax Blocks

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Relax Blocks is a calm and relaxing game! You will easily learn how to play and win - just place blocks to create and remove vertical and horizontal lines. The game is suitable for all ages.

- A new version of the classic Tetris.
- Ability to clear part of the playing field with the help of hints.
- Easy and relaxing game.
- Beautiful graphics and pleasant sound effects.
Adaptive control for all available platforms. Dare and try to become the best at the game!

1. Select a block from those available at the bottom of the screen and drag it to the playing field.
2. Place the block so that it connects to other blocks to form a horizontal or vertical line.
3. When the line is completely filled with blocks, it will disappear and you will get points.
4. Keep putting blocks and removing lines to score as many points as possible.
5. The game ends when there is no room left on the playing field for new blocks.
Score as many points as possible and become the best player!



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